After the stress is always fun

First semester is over, the exams are already passed. It is just the time after the ongoing stress to find inner balance. Finally, you can relax and remember the casual student life. “I was promised the craziest parties in my life? Where are they? “Come on!

Which student has not experienced a wild party at least once? After a sleepless night in the dorm, you go “awake” to the seminar, which you must not miss. All dreams are only from one bed and the end of the day, right? Everyone had such an experience. These memories probably trigger a headache yet, but smile as well. These were crazy times that are deeply memorable.

From new acquaintances to friendship

I have to admit that my first year was not just buffalos and parties. The people I met at university have really made a big contribution to my life, for which I’m thankful so far. These are above all friends, with whom I have experienced all my successes and defeats. They have proven many times that I can rely on these people and trust them.

Many students admit that boring professors deprive the desire to acquire knowledge. I was lucky enough to be able to contradict this stubborn prejudice. Among the professors there were those who could arouse interest not only in their subjects, but also in their own personality. The contacts I had with some professors have since grown into a sustainable friendship.

Much more than studying

Frequently one hears: at the university one does not acquire anything for the real life. I do not agree with that. Of course, academic knowledge is important, but it does not have to be an end in itself. I put a greater value on personality development and the development of interpersonal relationships.

The university is the school of life where we learn to exist in a society. Failure and stress are hard to escape, and to overcome some obstacles takes a lot of time. But you do not have to hang your head and continue to set challenging goals. Study life gives us exciting encounters, unforgettable events and valuable experiences. Do not forget to enjoy this time!

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