From a ghostwriter to a writer

Ghostwriting has its pros and contras that you should definitely consider. If it is too painful for you to simply give your own writing for free, you should think twice about whether you really want to work as a ghostwriter. Apart from that, ghostwriting remains a very profitable business that can even lay the foundation of a writer’s career.

“For a full-time freelancer, ghostwriting is a wonderful way to manage your own income and improve your financial position. When I was working in a magazine, I gained my first writing experience. I wrote articles, essays, book reviews, and dreamed of publishing my own book at some point.

After a few months I heard about something like ghostwriting. I saw in it a good opportunity that could contribute to my future. I also needed an extra source of income, and my journalistic experience played into my hands.

Career upgrade in the literature area

I applied as ghostwriter at a startup company. At first I dealt with essays, essays and small works. I did not leave my work in the magazine. So I had twice as much requirements, but at the same time twice as much money. My financial situation has gradually improved.

In addition, I have considerably developed my own writing skills. The literary world combined with the constant writing has brought an unexpected result: I became the author of a bestseller.

Hopefully my literary career will not end with the first book. As a ghostwriter, I am still active, although this decision was made more out of financial hardship. From my own experience, I have convinced myself that ghostwriting can not only bring additional income, but also cause a real change in life.

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