How should one be motivated to read?

Recent tendencies have shown that many people are reluctant to read. This can be explained simply by the hectic pace of life. The reading culture must therefore be increased. How to motivate yourself to read. 5 reading tips help you master your own laziness and lack of time.

Tip 1. No time? Read on the way

Work, family, study, work again. On the long-awaited weekend you want to sleep in, watch a series of the favorite series, visit an exhibition or drink a cup of coffee with friends. No time for reading? But! On the way to work or home you have at least 30-40 minutes in the subway or on the bus, which you can deal with reading. Why do not you spend this time with a book? If you are reading 30 minutes a day for several weeks, you will not notice how you swallow one book after another.

Tip 2. Do not forget about brain jogging

We have to train our brains as well as our bodies. Reading allows us to increase our brain activity. Moreover, a book is an inexhaustible source of knowledge that makes us read. Most likely you will not get into such an embarrassing situation if you can not keep a conversation going. The more books you read, the better you know about a variety of topics. Work on your image and enjoy respect in society!

Tip 3. Relax

Everyday life is not always full of joy, smile and success. Sometimes we find stress at work, disappointments in our private lives or just a bad mood. The inner balance is sometimes hard to find again. A readable book can be a solution, though many active-lifestyle fans find the reading process too boring. With an impressive book, you can immerse yourself in a whole new world.

Tip 4. Choose a suitable format for the book

E-books, cell phones, tablets, printed books or even audiobooks. Everyone can read in their own way. Logically, the digital reading possibilities are gradually supplanting old books with scuffed pages, and this tendency is difficult to contradict. Do you like to read a novel by Stephen King on your mobile phone or browse a new printed copy of “Three Comrades”, no problem! Choose what “tastes” you.

Tip 5. Discover much more than just reading

The leisure time of a bookworm is not limited to reading. Frequent readings, book fairs, literary evenings and autograph sessions with favorite authors can bring new colors to your life. In addition, you can find the like-minded, who are not only good conversation partners, but also to your friends.


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