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How is the online market of writing services organized?

It’s complicated to say how many ghostwriting companies are working today. Although ghostwriting is not illegal, it stays in the shadows. This means that one can often not find the location, the seat and contact information of an agency. The easiest way to find a ghostwriting service is to use Google Search.

With 20 Google search pages, I was able to visit more than 140 unique and operational ghostwriting websites. Google Search also shows that students are more interested in having a ghostwriter write than ordering proofreading or editing. The demand forms the offer.

How many students use such services? In a Leipzig university one has found 2005-2013 19,000 fraud attempts. That is certainly not the final number. I can say that from personal experience. As the author of more than 4,000 essays in 2009-2013, I can say that it is difficult to get the specifics. It is also significant that one rarely confesses the act.

Audience target groups and customer motivation
On one side is the customer. Who is he?

Every year, thousands of students turn to online help services. The clientele does not have a specific age, gender or educational level. Ghostwriting is familiar with the following groups:

  • International students. The reason is clear: they are not powerful in German and need help anyway.
  • Students of the research subjects. They lack the skills to conduct in-depth research.
  • Lazy students. Laziness is the mother of all vices. This group will never want to write anything. Only buy.
  • Working parents who need a degree for their work, meanwhile, have to look after their families.
  • Working students. You have no time for study and all the tasks you get at the university.
  • Students who are simply not interested in science u.a.m.
  • So all these people have different reasons.
  • It is not known in the fabric. He or she has signed up for the subject by accident and now has a job to do.
  • There is no time. You work, study and care for your own family at the same time.
  • You do not feel like it. It also happens that you feel depressed and need help.
  • You can not speak the language.
  • You can not write academically.
  • No interest in the subject etc.

I can endlessly enumerate the reasons. But that does not change the meaning: you can do what you do not want to do yourself. The “non-interested” thus include students, trainees, employees and even heads of large companies. Interestingly, there is an offer for each client: you do not have that much money – well, you can buy an essay from the database that is totally plagiarized but at an affordable price.

You order on one website because it’s cheaper, on the other – because of the friendly support, etc. There are also agencies that deal with any subject area or even those that are very specialized. Smooth course of the order is also very tempting. Who would like an ancient website with many broken links?

How do online writing services work and what does the legislation say?

In many cases, you have nothing to do with a single company. There are usually a few parent companies that operate up to 20 websites. One of them is headed by a team of independent authors. During my research, a group of my “favorites” has emerged. These included some web pages named after a person, e.g. Professor X, Doctor XX, Ms. XY, etc.

Did you really believe that you can create the flow of orders yourself? Imagine: there sits a doctor X at the table, writes a thesis, speaks on the phone, helps the customer with further orders and of course promises to make an urgent order today. Nonsense. All these agencies are the same candy in another pack. I’ll tell you a secret right away: Ghostwriting is the same everywhere. My colleagues and I even worked with different agencies at the same time. That’s just business.

If you want to apply as a ghostwriter, you must pass an exam test and write an essay as a reading sample. Not much, right? Then you get access to an order pile. Attention, the job is seasonal. Of course I stayed with the website, where I constantly get orders. This speaks for me for the quality of the company too.

What would the law word say to us? One of the questions I’ve been asked the most about my job is “How legal are you?” Disclaimers are very important in this business. Most of the companies I have worked with or seen online seem to take a similar approach. Most people point out (somewhere on the last page, in the bottom right corner …) that the letter obtained through the service can not be submitted. It should only serve as a template for your own idea.

Oh yes, of course it will be like that! I called it “tutoring,” somewhere between a lie and a legally constructed euphemism. The importance of acting under such disclaimer can not be overstated. The service wants to be legal. As far as copyright is concerned, the customer gets it completely.

The copyright is included, so to speak. The disclaimer then tells us that the payer does not claim the authorship of the written work and neither an author nor a company are responsible for any consequences. In summary, I would like to emphasize once again that you can only turn to Ghostwriting on your own responsibility.

Challenges of the authors
We, the authors, take on many challenges every day. The most important are:

  • Quality of the “assembly line”. If you make 15 works per month, you have to do that in a way that does not compromise the quality of any work.
  • No plagiarism please. Everyone wants to have a unique and plagiaristic text. That’s what the author cares about. At least he has to.
  • Adaptation to the customer style. The acquired work should be as inconspicuous as possible. Unfortunately, professors immediately realize that the work is not written according to your style.
  • Timeliness. It was a cornerstone of the letter. First, your pay depends on your productivity. The more you write this month, the more money you get. And vice versa. Second, there are penalties for delays. I think that’s fair, too. Third, you get repeat customers if you do your job well and on time.
  • How to choose a real writing agency?
  • It is quite difficult to make the right decision if you have 20 pages of providers in front of you. It’s all about the question of your own preferences. You will pay attention to the price, quality and service.


Most companies deal with similar pricing. The amount depends on: number of pages and deadline. Texts that are due in a week or more cost less. For everything that is due in less than a week, the cost per page will increase. With urgent orders one must count on a substantial price increase. The brightest customers plan their work in advance to avoid costly subsidies. It is recommended to upload a curriculum at the beginning of the semester and to place an assignment for each task projected in advance. The price can also reach the level, but not necessarily.


I mean skills of the support team. Actually, it is very important how you look after your customers. If you also pay a lot of money, you would like to have a proper handling of your order. In addition, pay attention to accessibility of the office. If you have urgent questions, someone must be there for you.


Modern agencies use a special communication system that makes clients and authors anonymous for each other. All processes are online and done quickly. Your order, messages and data are registered in the system. This allows you to control all processes yourself.


Is still a sign of the service. A good agency gives you a long (up to 30 days) and free revision. Within this time you correct everything that needs to be corrected. That’s what I did.


Depends on the price. You have to understand that you do not write for nothing. The higher the quality, the higher the price. One page should cost from 20 to 70 euros. And that is OK. You’re welcome.

If you have considered all these things, you can opt for a service. And remember: on one side is your wish – on the other we stand, competent authors with their bread and butter. Please respect me.

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